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Help your students discover their creative potential

We know that creativity doesn't have to be limited to the art classroom. I Am Creative enables students to discover the creative skills and interests they never knew they had, whilst teaching them about the realities of working in the creative industries through a direct link with creative professionals.

It can be applied across a range of subject areas, both creative and those considered more traditional, helping students to rediscover creativity.

It provides a way of adding value to the curriculum and evidencing your students' qualifications, progress and skills, whilst at the same time acting as a careers education tool.

By giving students an opportunity to work on real creative briefs, set by professionals from the business world, your students will be engaged and challenged to use their creativity. By connecting them with a creative professional who is familiar with the brief, young people can gain insights, skills and support that would never normally be available to them.

The skills that they will learn will not only help them understand what skills are required to get a job in the creative industry, they will also give your students an edge in any profession through the practical experience they have had.

It will add to their grades and add value to your OFSTED report.

I Am Creative provides your students with an easy to use online assessment portfolio that, guided by you, enables them to log and download the work as evidence towards qualifications, saving any time-consuming collation at a later date.

If your students are really keen to get into the industry, they can also use the work to develop a professional portfolio, which will be placed on The Creative Floor, where their portfolio can be viewed by creative agencies looking to find new talent.

With your own online profile to keep track of your student's progress, I Am Creative is easy to access whilst also giving your students a sense of freedom and control of their own work.

I Am Creative is run by the Ideas Foundation who are experts in helping young people learn and progress into the creative industries. To find out more click here

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"There have been amazing opportunities to work with creative professionals."

Lynn Cohen

The Derby High School

"I Am Creative was a massive opportunity to be given a proper brief. It was a great insight to things I want to do in the future."


Worked with the pilot test