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I Am Creative -

Made from 100% pure creative juices

So, you're sitting there scratching your head and thinking "Am I creative?", "What is this site all about?". "How do I get involved?"

Well, are you sitting comfortably? Then let us begin.

To be honest, for something so fantastic, it's actually amazingly simple.

It's a brand new way of connecting you with creative professionals (like those clever types who work in shiny offices and drink skinny lattes) so you can work together on a creative brief, helping you to understand how the creative world really works whilst at the same time developing your skills.

By working on real creative projects you can experience first-hand how to turn all the amazing ideas flying around in your brain into mind-blowing pieces of work. It will help you to discover the creative talents you never knew you had and will show you that these talents can take you into an amazing career in the creative industries or give you an edge in whatever other career you chose. As if that wasn't enough, the work you do can be put towards your grades, so it's time well spent.

So come on then... what are you waiting for?
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