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SMS/Text Marketing

SMS/Text has an open rate of approximately 97%


Aside from email marketing, SMS/Text marketing is the ONLY form of marketing where you can literally think of a campaign in the morning and have customers in your dealership in the afternoon as a result of your efforts!

That being said, SMS/Text has an open rate of approximately 97%, whereas email is typically around 5-10%. I hope you truly grasped what I just said! You can craft offers instantly and don't have to wait on Print, Radio or TV advertising that could take days or weeks.


  • Lowest cost per customer acquired, therefore the highest Return on Investment
  • Measureable marketing results through analytics
  • Direct channel of engagement with interested prospects/clients
  • Instantly advise clients of offers, promotions and events
  • Incentivise existing clients to refer their family & friends

Printed coupons are proven to be a highly effective method of generating new business and increasing repeat business. However the process of organising, printing and distributing these coupons can be very costly and time consuming.

By using SMS coupons, you can dramatically reduce the setup costs and lead times for implementing a new campaign.

You can send a mobile coupon directly to your customers' phone within minutes of the campaigns inception. And with the high open rate of SMS (as high as 97%), and speed with which they are read, the vast majority of your messages will be read within 4 minutes.

Through the use of analytics your campaign’s success can be properly measured; how many people received your message, how many opted in, how many opted out and how many went to your landing page or mobile website. However one of the best means of measuring your campaigns’ success is the effect it has upon sales. After all, that is what you’re after, isn’t it?

Studies have shown that mobile coupons encourage your customers to be spontaneous and applications for their use are only limited by your imagination.

  • Do you have unsold new & used inventory that needs to be moved?
  • Do you have quiet days in your Service Department’s diary?
  • Do you need to increase your Parts Department’s turn over?
  • Do you want to invite clients to a new vehicle launch?

What could you do to connect with your customers using SMS/Text marketing?

Your competitors are using SMS/Text Marketing to sell more of their products and services.

Contact us today to see how you could use SMS/Text Marketing to better engage with your customers.

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