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Review Management

People could be talking about your business all over the Internet

Your customers are talking about you!

Now that Social Media sites are easily accessible on mobile devices, the reviews that your customers are posting are even more relevant to your online presence.

Are you sure they´re all good reviews, do you even check them, where do you begin?

You should be checking them, because negative reviews will be hurting you now! As you may be aware, Google is the eight hundred pound Gorilla in Internet terms, and it has recently changed the way it ranks your business.

Google Places are now known as Google Plus Local Pages, and it uses a completely different scoring system to assess where you should appear in the local search results.

Here´s an example of what happens; A consumer is out shopping and looking on their Smartphone for a particular type of local business, and let´s be honest here, most of us use Google to do the searching for us, it´s a known and trusted quantity.

The consumer sees the bad reviews and skips that business for another one with better reviews, which one of these businesses is yours? Once the consumer finds a suitable business they will Google it´s name, or name + reviews to see what people are saying about the business on other sites besides Google.

Are you starting to get the picture?

People could be talking about your business all over the Internet and unless you are managing these reviews they could be harming your business reputation and subsequently your bottom line!