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QR Code Marketing

So here’s the question – How can you use QR Codes in your business?

Qr Code Marketing for Local Businesses

Effective marketing with QR Codes is increasing quickly in Australia. Technology, combined with mass distribution across the internet now makes it affordable and easy for businesses to use QR Codes too! Qr Codes have been used throughout Europe for several years now with great success. In Japan there are even buildings with QR Codes on their outside that can be scanned for in-depth information on the business inside.

A small QR Code can hold so much information. Any information you would like it to hold. Scan a QR Code and be taken to a website, make a phone call, download a pdf, take you to a landing page, add you to a marketing list, give you a form to fill out, enter you into a contest. I think you get the idea... almost anything you can think of!

So here’s the question – How can you use QR Codes in your business? One of the best ways is to offer a discount, create a contest or link to your social media hub. There are so many ways to use these codes your head can spin. Have you tried to get people to visit your web site, Facebook page or leave a great review about your business? Use a QR Code! If there is an action that involves typing in a long web address – then simply use a QR Code!

People love their Mobile Phones – they’re like New Toys – and when they find out they can get more information when they scan a QR Code – they do! Take advantage of this huge love-affair people have with their mobile phones and create some QR Codes for your business!

When you combine QR Codes with additional software you can build a ‘Mobile Marketing List’ faster than you will believe! The ideas can be endless with multiple applications. Create a QR Code that gives someone a coupon or a discount on an immediate purchase and they can be immediately added to your list when they scan the code. Perfect – they get a coupon and you get another customer added to your ‘Mobile Marketing List’! A Win-Win for everyone!

We can create a fully managed QR Code Marketing campaign for your business, complete with metrics tracking, so you’ll know how many times your code was scanned, where it was scanned and more!

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with a personalised QR Code Marketing campaign.

For further information please visit our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page for QR Codes.