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Mobile Optimised Websites

Your Clients have gone Mobile, have you?

The world is fast being over run by mobile devices, in particular Smartphones.


The Australian mobile-owning population is becoming increasingly sophisticated, well over half now own a smartphone.

Smartphone ownership is expected to grow to over 60 per cent of the Australian mobile population by the end of 2013.

Males are bigger smartphone fans with 51 per cent of mobile-using males owning smartphones vs 42 per cent of females.

There is a higher ownership of smartphones in metro areas (52 per cent vs 34 per cent in non-metro areas).

Smartphones are not just for Gen Ys, almost a quarter (23 per cent) of smartphone users are over 50 and 39 per cent are over 40.

Over 12 million Australians use internet-enabled phones to browse and buy on the fly. But what happens when someone searches for your dealership on their Smartphone?

Your existing, static dealership website may be accessible, but technical limitations and small screen resolutions often make browsing a difficult experience.

Perhaps even worse, some static websites use Flash based technology, these and older sites simply don't work on mobile browsers, making your dealership completely invisible.

Your prospects will simply give up and connect with one of your Mobile Optimised competitors instead.

Mobile Optimised Websites and the Car Industry

The Car Industry in Australia is a fast paced, ever evolving business, those quick to adopt new trends and opportunities will leap frog the slow.

With competition becoming ever more intense, Dealer Principles have to implement new technologies to keep ahead of the rising tide.

The way the industry has educated clients to shop for a better deal is in itself a hurdle all dealers have to cope with every day; any edge you can get will be an advantage.

A Mobile Optimised Website will give your prospects the opportunity to find and connect with you when they are researching which dealership to visit.

More and more people are adopting Smartphones as the medium of choice and since they are conducting this research on the go, if you don’t have a Mobile Optimised presence you are potentially losing customers every day.

What will my Mobile Optimised Website do for my prospects?

  • Display your used car inventory
  • Display new model information
  • Click to call
  • Get directions

What will my Mobile Optimised Website do for my dealership?

  • Get you found on Smartphones
  • Measure your ROI (Return On Investment) through a dedicated phone number
  • Compete with other local dealerships

For further information please visit our FAQ’s page for Mobile Optimised Websites.

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