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Mobile Optimised Websites

How can you help me mobilize my business?

We’ll start by building you a new stand alone Mobile Optimised Website, which will enable Smartphone users to access your content in a fast and convenient manner. Within one business week you’ll have an entirely new customer base seeking out your products or services.

Will my new Mobile Optimised Website replace my existing desktop website?

No, your main desktop website will continue to operate as usual. However when users try to access your existing website on their Smartphone, they will be automatically redirected to your new Mobile Optimised Website seamlessly.

Why not mobilize my existing website?

Although the approach is feasible it is far from ideal. Traditional websites don’t translate well to the smaller screen area and load far too slowly. Mobile Optimised Websites are purpose built to be fast loading and easy to navigate.

Will my Mobile Optimised Website be listed in the search engines?

Yes, the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! 7 have mobile specific listings to present to mobile searchers, enabling you to reach far more prospects, especially locally. Potentially your business will be listed in both search types.

Are Mobile Optimised Websites expensive?

In general Mobile Optimised Websites cost far less than a traditional desktop website, by virtue of their “lightweight” design. Only features and content that are applicable to your mobile users are included in your Mobile Optimised Website design, making them fast to load, easy to navigate and contain a definitive call to action. Call us to discuss your needs so we can tailor a solution that best suits your requirements.

How long will it take for my Mobile Optimised Website to be ready?

We’ll need an initial consultation with you, to determine your mobile requirements. Then all being well we’ll have your new Mobile Optimised Website up and running within one working week. (Subject to peak workloads and / or your content requirements).

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Loyalty Apps

Why do I need a Branded Loyalty Reward App?

Not every business type needs a ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ yet, but the day is fast approaching when most will. Increasingly, your prospects are using Smartphones to find and connect with your dealership; a ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ gives you an even greater opportunity to maintain a relationship with existing customers.

What will a Branded Loyalty Reward App do for my dealership?

Once your customer has downloaded your dealership’s App, you now have a small piece of highly valuable digital real estate on their Smartphone and a direct link to them through the use of Push Notifications. These allow you to offer small incentives to them periodically to refer a prospective buyer, have their own car serviced or purchase parts and accessories. You can also let them know about upcoming events and other relevant information to strengthen your relationship.

How do we market our Branded Loyalty reward App?

The most effective method is through the use of a QR Code, which we supply as part of your package. These can be posted around your dealership, on stationary and any other marketing channels you use. You can also offer your App through a Hyper Link on any digital mediums, such as your Static & Mobile Optimised Websites. SMS messages can also be used to deliver a link. Offering clients a small incentive to download your dealership’s App has proven an effective method of gaining compliance and through periodic incentives for them to retain your App.

What is a Push Notification?

A Push Notification is similar to an SMS/Text message, however it is delivered through your ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ and when the person receiving the notification opens the message it opens your App, reminding them about your dealership again. The power of a Push Notification and the low investment, make owning your own ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ a must for any forward thinking dealership.

Do you manage the Push Notifications process?

Yes we do manage the Push Notifications process for you, experience has shown us that self administered Push Notifications often over notify customers and result in uninstalled Apps and that means lost investment.

Will my new Branded Loyalty Reward App replace my existing desktop website?

No, not at this point in time, though with the way technology is advancing anything is possible. Your Branded Loyalty Reward App is an additional marketing tool to compliment your Static & Mobile Optimised Websites and should be considered and used as such.

Are Branded Loyalty Reward Apps expensive?

Branded Loyalty Reward Apps are probably the most cost effective marketing tool you will ever invest in for your dealership. Whilst a little more expensive than a Mobile Optimised Website, they are still extremely affordable, and will give you an incredible Return On Investment over the coming years.

How long will it take for my Branded Loyalty Reward App to be ready?

We will need an initial phone consultation with you, to determine your requirements. Then all being well we’ll have your new Branded Loyalty Reward App up and running within one working week. (This time frame is subject to peak workloads and /or your content requirements).

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QR Code Marketing

What is QR Code Marketing?

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SMS Marketing

How will SMS Marketing help my dealership?

SMS Marketing is an incredibly powerful and low cost method of building a marketing list and as you know the money is in the list.

What open rates can I expect?

The Industry standard open rates for SMS is approximately 96%, which, when you consider the open rates for E-Mail is approximately 4%, makes SMS even more compelling as a genuine marketing tool.

Can I track our results?

Yes we can provide you with a full analytics report to show you the effectiveness of your campaign; however this should already be apparent with the response rates you get to your offer.

Do we need to manage the campaign/s ourselves?

We will manage the whole process for you from start to finish. We prefer to manage the campaign ourselves to be accountable and we know you are already busy enough.

How much will an SMS campaign cost me?

SMS campaigns will vary in price depending upon the complexity of the campaign. Contact us for further details regarding costs.

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