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Branded Loyalty Reward Apps

Smart phone sales are on the rise

With the advent of the Smartphone, comes an incredible opportunity through access to the Internet, for businesses to market to their existing and prospective clients.

Smartphone sales are increasing exponentially month on month, the people who are buying them are Internet smart and are searching the web for local businesses and their services.

Your custom built ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ will allow you to maintain contact through the App being downloaded and saved to your clients Smartphone home screen. Then, using Push Notifications you can tell them about any special deals, loyalty offers or interesting information you have that may be of interest to them.

Your client is able to access the App without connecting to the Internet since Google and Apple host the App for you. This means your client can access your website at any time to view your updated information.

Any business that services its clients on a repeat basis deserves the opportunity to use the power of a custom built Branded App, and even if you only want to say hi to your clients periodically, this gives you a previously unavailable small piece of digital real estate on your clients Smartphone, which serves as a reminder to them of your businesses existence; ‘front of mind’ is where you need to be.

As an example of the power of Branded Loyalty Reward Apps, Canadian based Pizza Pizza had an App custom built for ordering and delivery. They encouraged consumers to use the Application via an incentive-based system. They reported that they had met their six-month performance metrics in six weeks.

Starbucks Coffee has created an App that gets used over and over again. Their App allows the customer to pay for their coffee, track their Starbucks card balance, e-gift Starbucks funds to friends and so on. The App serves a useful purpose while building and extending the brand at the same time. This is an App that will be used repeatedly whilst providing convenience to the customer.

Oakley sunglasses’ ‘Branded Loyalty Reward App’ provides surfing reports. The purpose of the App is to generate name recognition for Oakley as well as associate the name with beaches, surf and sun. This is a perfect example of using the branding power of a custom built Branded Loyalty Reward App.

Clearly then, the opportunity to utilise the leading edge technology of a custom built Branded Loyalty Reward App is easy to accept and will afford you a huge Return On Investment when compared with other marketing options.

What could you do with your own custom built Branded Loyalty Reward App to build your brand and increase customer retention?

For further information please visit our FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page for Branded Loyalty Reward Apps.